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Buy  jaderytz : Unique Toys - Ragnaros Combiner (2017-06-27 16:01:45)
How much for the complete Unique Toys - Ragnaros Combiner? Your listing states RM290. Is that just for deposit? Thanks!
Admin Replay:

Thanks for your message.

For this item, we only sell in set.
We collect RM200 as deposit for the full set.

The RM200 will be used to contra the last gestalt.

For the first few gestalt, you need to pay the full payment upon arrival

The price for first 2 gestalt has been confirmed

Please let us know if you have any doubts.
Message  jeffhannan : first time (2017-06-23 14:12:43)
Hello, this is my first time buying from your website. I hope that the seraphicus prominon is available for purchase. please guide me how to buy product from your website. cheers admin.
Admin Replay:

Thanks for contacting us.

To place an order, you need to have an account with us.
Please register your account at

After registration, please login and follow the steps at below.

If you need further assistance, simply reply this email.

Enquiry  krashingkaiser : MMC R-16 Kultur (2017-06-22 13:54:55)
Is the MMC R-19 Kultur still in preorder?
Admin Replay:

The item is in stock

Please place your order at

Enquiry  cwfaizal : NeoArtTOYS Leodinas (2017-06-12 11:03:51)
Hi, when NeoArtTOYS Leodinas will be instock? can still pre-order?
Admin Replay:
ETA unconfirmed, still can preorder
Message  chaihar : JinBao KO Feral Rex Addon (2017-05-20 23:36:37)
will u order this item {JinBao KO Feral Rex Addon} again?
Message  tokeifutsal : Jinbao Oversized WB-01 Box Set (2017-05-19 23:30:45)
Hello sir, i dont get any notification about arrival my item (Jinbao Oversized WB-01 Box Set) your panning, when will i get this item? TQ
Admin Replay:

Producer cant manage to produce all stock in 1 go.

The production is divided into batches.

So far batch 1 and batch 2 has arrived.
Your should be in batch 3 depends on how many stock they can send in batch 3.

Message  daveboge : jinbao ko warbotron (2017-05-10 05:51:02)
HI, is Jinbao WB-01 Bruticus still Available for preorder?Thanks in advance
Enquiry  Cyclonus86 : SXS-R04 - Hot Flame (2017-05-05 16:17:54)
Hello, will you be offering pre-orders for SXS-R04 - Hot Flame?
Admin Replay:


Listing will be up later.

Message  sherpole : KO Warbotron already arrived? (2017-05-02 13:47:31)
i want to ask, How do i know if the KO Warbotron already arrived? u contact by phone or email? tq
Admin Replay:

We will send notification email upon arrival.

The stock is pending customs clearance and delivery.
Expecting to receive in 2 weeks.

Message  zjloo : querie (2017-04-27 08:40:47)
Hi, do "TCW-02 IDW UW-03 Upgrade Kit Dream Wave CW Defensor Add-On" have actual price yet? Thank you.
Admin Replay:
RM220 .
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