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Message  aqmal : The preorder (2018-04-17 15:47:25)
Hello, can Malaysian buyer pay using Paypal. Next question, how long usually take for the item to be ship to the buyer that live in Johor Bahru especially if the item is 'IN STOCK' such as Nero rex.
Admin Replay:
in stock items 1-3 days.
Complaint  Anonymous user : BB7 EP-01 MPP10 upgrade (2018-03-14 13:31:26)
Whay certain item said “instock” but when click the button to buy its already soldout.. i want to buy BB7 EP-01 upgrade part for MPP10 Wei Jiang.
Admin Replay:

The item is on back order.

Please place your order at

Message  Syafiq : unique toys ut ro1 peru kill reissue (2018-02-14 18:32:50)
Hello sir..unique toys ut ro1 peru kill reissue still not arrive yet?
Admin Replay:

Our stock has not released from customs

2018-02-05 18:59:00 West Malaysia Pending Clearance
2018-01-26 15:23:00 West Malaysia Pending Clearance
2018-01-18 09:34:00 Customs Hold

Sorry for the long delay and inconvenience caused.

Message  Anonymous user : The preorder (2018-01-22 14:33:45)
Hello,what is the meaning of RM4xx for preorder and if the product were bought, does it included in the payment too.
Admin Replay:

It is the estimated price for preorder as the final price is not fixed yet.

The price may be not confirmed by producer or may fluctuate due the the currency exchange rate

Message  Anonymous user : New product (2018-01-10 20:46:27)
When does Robot Hero Durden and Barney will come out
Admin Replay:
Robot Hero Durden and Barney instock now
Message  Anonymous user : Card (2018-01-10 12:38:27)
Does eGHL receive or accept 'DEBIT CARD' to buy the product.
Admin Replay:

Yes eGHL accept debit card payment ya.

Message  eopticz : MP39 (2018-01-08 10:31:16)
MP39 status is in stock. but when i try to 'add to cart', it said 'sorry out of stock". can you please confirm the current status of the item?
Admin Replay:

Thanks for contacting us.

We are sorry that MP-39 is sold out.

Feel free to browse our website for other interesting item.
Message  Anonymous user : The safety of buying (2018-01-02 18:05:14)
Hello. Is this site is REALLY safe to buy. It is because we need to give our account number card to buy. Hope can explain.
Admin Replay:

Rest assured to buy from us. We have been doing the business for about 5 years.

For bank transaction, we don't ask you for account number/card information.
You may just provide us the payment details/receipt once you done making the payment.

If you pay via PayPal/eGHL with credit card, the portal will of course need your credit card details to charge for the order.
PayPal is well recognize as a international payment gateway while eGHL is recognize by Bank Negara Malaysia.
(please refer to , the company name is GHL ePayments Sdn. Bhd.)

For credit card payment, we don't have access to your credit card information. All the information you key in is within the payment gateway. We will only get the payment details(date, order number, amount...) once it is done.

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.
Message  gunner7788 : JJ-02 Jet Commander (2017-12-27 15:47:25)
Will you restock the above item?
Admin Replay:

Sorry not able to restock as supplier also out of stock
Message  gunner7788 : Jujiang Superion (2017-12-26 20:38:20)
Will u bring in Jujiang Seperion?
Admin Replay:
Sorry JJ-02 Jet Commander is sold out
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